Group classes

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, Syrian food can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Many cooking class participants have bonded over one of Nayran’s chopping boards to celebrate a birthday, hen’s night, baby shower or simply the joy of friendship and family.

Nayran happily brings the flavours of Syria to your home or your kitchen of choice. Her cooking classes allow you to enjoy the company of friends, while you learn about Syrian food and culture. It doesn’t stop at just cooking! Nayran’s nutrition background allows her to speak firsthand on the benefits of many of the ingredients. She will also talk about her life in Damascus, her journey to Australia and handy cooking tips and shortcuts to bringing these flavours alive in your own kitchen.

The Syrian sky is the limit with Nayran’s cooking classes. The seasonal availability of some foods may influence menu choice but this is just a perfect excuse to take a class every season.

Nayran’s popular cooking classes include mezze (dips and dolma), pastries like sambusic and sweets such as baklava or basbosa. She also holds jams and pickles classes closer to Christmas time, but is also available at any time of the year.

Most cooking classes require a minimum of ten people. However, if you have a small or large group feel free to contact Nayran to discuss available options.

Where we ask you to contribute

  • Kitchen and or suitable kitchen space – doesn’t need to be big
  • Crockery, cutlery, glassware and serving plates and platters
  • Aprons
  • Curiosity about different foods and culture
  • Based on your cooking class requirements, Nayran can provide a written quote outlining the cost.

What to bring

The cost includes:

  • Cooking instruction and recipes
  • Speciality ingredients
  • Most of the necessary cooking equipment
  • Traditional Syrian music (dancing optional).

Corporate Classes

Need a fun and engaging experience for work colleagues to enjoy together? Need an experience that satisfies your organisation’s corporate social responsibility?

Nayran’s corporate cooking classes include a presentation about her journey to Australia, her Syrian background and culture and her experience as an asylum seeker since arriving in Australia.

This allows attendees to engage with Nayran and develop a deeper understanding of both the challenges faced and the support available to people newly arrived in Australia often under difficult circumstance.

Nayran has experience delivering her cooking classes to a range of government and corporate groups and understands the particular interests and motivations of the attendees. Organisations can feel confident that their employees will not only learn about a new culture and its food, but gain insight into the situation for asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, and if desired, learn how to get involved by supporting targeted services in the wider community.

Please contact Nayran to discuss the corporate cooking class options and costs, with the knowledge that your organisation supports the business of an asylum seeker.