A Fair Go | 2019

Nayran is a nutritionist, chef, childcare teacher, swimming teacher and cooking instructor. She also runs her own catering business and is widely recognised as a leader and mentor in the human rights sector.

Nayran fled an affluent lifestyle in Syria when the war broke out, travelling with her husband and daughter via boat to Australia.

Many people ask me how can I help you as an asylum seeker. I tell them, ok, you want to help me? Help the whole unity – [meaning] the whole of Australia. And we do it united.

Even in detention on Christmas Island, Nayran put her talents to work, quickly becoming a translator for the Australian Government. She even formed friendships with some of the Australian Border Police, many of whom she still calls her friends today. Nayran’s two teenage sons are living in Iran and she has not seen them for over eight years.